XTP Purple Power vs. KH 07

i know how everyone ask about how the K1 Devil fairs against the KH 07 but what about the XTP i was thinking about getting one in 3 to 6 months but wanted more info on it also where is the XTP available in the USA and also what are the flaws in it and last where is the KH 07 available to buy

the xtp frame is made out of a cheap 6160 aluminum and apparently it cracks? And I do believe that the kh frame is lighter than the xtp frame and a crapload cheaper to boot. so I would go with the kh because I don’t think anyone’s broken it and it’s a better all-round unicycle because it has a flat crown for tricks and stuff.

You can buy the kh at bedford unicyles not sure of what the website is exactly and you can get k1 at renegadejuggling.com or trialsin.com.

thanks that helps alot also where can u buy kh unicycles and when do they make new models

well he just came out with the 07 models a few months ago I believe so I think it’s going to be a while before newer models come out. but don’t worry the current models are fine.

ok im gonna buy the KH now either for my b day in june or earlier because of all ive heard of it being stronger and cheaper


go there, give him an email, tell him what you want.

Also his prices seem expencive because its in CAD not USD and he gives awsome costomer service.