xtp or kh

Its exactly what i have except i just need to gte the kh frame which im getting soon

You don’t have a KH frame?

Nope :stuck_out_tongue: Its a blue Nimbus 2 frame.Everyone gets fooled

I could have sworn I saw a KH frame in one of your vids though…that’s wierd.

Have you ever seen an XTP? lol
KH crown is flat, XTP crown is sloped so you hit your knees less on a XTP then on a KH (statisticly speaking)
Still, I tend to hit my knees on my XTPonce in a while. But it hurts less then when I rode a KH, probably because the KH has a “sharp” corner to hit.

Do what I did/ am in the process of. Get a kh longneck, not the double crown of course. This will save you weight if you run steel posts like me, you can cut almost all of them off, big savings. Get just about any seat, I’m loving my luxury k1 saddle, I’ve get a cf base for it. Get either tensiles or quax cranks, both are lighter than moments. Only tensiles if your smooth. I run quax cromo’s with the nubs grinded down, saves weight. Get some mg1 ti pedals off ebay. Very light. Use a sling bolt clamp, they work fine, well mine has. You could also get your kh wheel laced with 14g spokes instead of 13 that it comes with. Then you could cut every other nub off the tire off to save weight, I really like the stiky. I think that is about it, unless you want the ti hub haha. You could also get double butted spokes.

Thank you bob, but i dont think i’ll get a longneck cause im not very tall and then will the seat post clamp be very annoying for my hands…

i will post some photos when i have got my new uni… :roll_eyes:

Well, longnecks are only good for saving weight on a trials the way I see it, since you can cut the post down, if you run an alu post, just go for the regular frame. The clamp isn’t an issue at all, single or double. I run a very thin saddle, k1 luxury, and have never touched it once.

You could always cut the frame down. Looking forward to the pictures.

KH All the Way!

The corners of the crown on the KH are curved so even if you do hit your knees on them it is no big deal. Besides ehat are you doing riding without knee shin guards? Probably the easiest upgrade you can do is getting better pedals. I got Xpedo magnesium pedals and that took a cool 260Gr off the weight! Anyway I am so happy with KH that I could not imagine owning any other type of Unicycle!


I’ll probably get my new KH tomorrow…

You getting the long neck?

Previously in this thread I rote that I have never hit my knees on my KH frame. Today I am proad to say that I have, although it wasnt on the corner, it was on like the leg of the frame. It hurt and still does hurt. I did it on a big up gap. I can confidently say that it would have still happened on any other frame, even a round crown or XTP. I love my KH frame, I would love a longneck version though.

[QUOTE=feel the light;1104913]
KH can be bought online for about 375 ish $ in the USA. QUOTE]

Where can you get a KH for $375? Everywhere I’ve looked is $500 +

Bike island I believe. If not you can email aebikes.com and they’ll cut the price down to 375, but you have to ask. It is showed as the reg. price at their site.

They will sell it to you for $415.

no just the normal one… the longneck will be too high for me…


Right now bedford has an amazing deal going for 450 CAD.

here’s some pics… finally:D

Pretty cool, Im not a fan of tensiles though. Is that the new KH rim? It doesnt look like the holes are worth it. Do you know the weight of the rim?