xtp or kh

hi everyone… i’ve been thinking alot of buying a new uni, but i dont know which one im going to buy a kh20 or an xtp. im totally in love with the xtp frame, and i dont think i will kill my knees… but the kh20 is much cheaper… please help me…

I personally would go for the Kh, the xtp is way overpriced…

well they’re probably just as strong, and they’re both awesome and light. But the XTP is way over priced. I’d go KH.

I have this same dilemma.Ive been doing alot of street lately but im mainly a trials rider and i hit my knees quite alot.Ive heard the xtp is much much lighter than a kh but idk.Im pretty sure everyone here will say get a kh cause not many people actually own one or have ridden one

according to their websites; the xtp weighs 4970g and the KH trials weighs 5550g (with heavier pedals). so the KH is 10% heavier.

if you want a good trials unicycle - get the KH.

if you want a good trials unicycle, but don’t want one that looks like everybody else’s - get the KH and get it painted.

if you want to look like some one who can blow over $800 on a unicycle - get the xtp.


I have KH with MAG pedals and Onza Tensile cranks / my friend have XTP and i ride both. I can say that :

  • XTP frame its owsome, but not worth his price
  • KH with mag pedals and tensile cranks weight about the same like XTP
  • XTP have stupid wheelset and makes sounds when you jump

If you ride only trial and many times hit with knee in the frame, then buy XTP.

If you ride trial/street and have no problems with hitting knee in the frame, then buy KH

  • sorry about my englisch

The XTP is a major rip off. If you are really bashing your knees all the time, than get just the frame.

A KH with the followingL
A CF seat base. Best upgrade a high end uni can have.
Weglo MG1.

Lighter than the XTP.
XTP frame is 100 grams heavier than a KH frame.
The only major difference between the XTP and a KH is: Frame, cranks, pedals, tire. You could upgrade a KH for less than the XTP.

I’m only a trial rider… i really don’t like street… i think i should maybe costumize my own trial uni… with an XTP frame and KH wheelset and maybe Mg pedals… but i have enough money to buy an XTP… i dont know yet…

i have tried my friend’s KH and it’s really killing my knees…

sorry for my english…

I hear MG1s are super weak, is that not true?

If you’re into street get a kh.

Otherwise, I have no idea. Probably still a kh :p.

Actually I don’t really know, I haven’t ever ridden an XTP I’m afraid.

lol Get the KH. K1 is a rip off. I don’t see how you are less likely to hit your knees on a XTP frame anyway. They both stick out the same amount except thr KH is flat, meaning it is way more versatile.

Get a KH and if you want it lighter get some Onza Tensiles and a CF base and maybe new pedals

strip your KH and it gonna be lighter than an XTP.
so get the KH

KH all the way. lighter and its made out of a stronger aluminum. 6000series aluminum is crap (unless you way 90lbs).

I think a lot depends where you live

KH can be bought online for about 375 ish $ in the USA. Seems a lot more expensive then that in Europe. Maybe Koxx 1 is in a better relative position over there.

If you have the $, and live in the USA, it might be fun just to have the only xtp most of the other riders you meet will ever see. Personally, I’m kinda cheap, like most of the other yanks, so it’s almost all KH over here.

I’m not so sure how to tell which unicycle is lighter. KH came with super heavy JC’s, then with lighter pedals, but they always say it weighs 12 lbs. The J C’s were more then a pound and a half themselves.

lol i think ill stick with my uni then and get a kh frame.I have cf base,chromo post,nimbus 2 frame,tensile cranks,kh wheelset and dmr magnesium v12 pedals.

Doesn’t look like that is the case, if you look at municycle’s prices in Germany

The KH is $660 ($540 for 2007 version)

The xtp is $1000


I swear you must be doing something wrong. I can say I have never hurt my knees, legs, anything on my frame whilst riding trials. I wear pads but I havnt even fely my knees touching. I have hit them a few times riding street. I wouldnt ever change my frame though, I wouldnt change anything on my uni right now, love every part of it.

If I were you I would get the KH, cheeper and you can glide and stuff on it.

Ive only hit my knees doing street but i think when you learn to sif hop and land at a really crazy angle like fabian and joe your knee could sometimes drive into the corner of the frame from the momentum.

hi again guys… i’ve been thinking about it and im going to buy the KH20 2008 version
with following upgrades: tensiles, Mg pedals and carbon fibre seatbase…

that would be one sick trials uni!!! get it!