XTP or KH longneck?

So I recently got my XTP for 128 dollars and I really like it but, my friends and I were debating weather or not the new KH frames are better or not for trials. What do you all think will the KH frame break much easiler or the XTP? Thanks for your opinion.

This is down to your personnal opinion. I personally like more a longneck frame because I’m 6’2" and otherwise the seat post goes out way too much out of the frame. A longneck also looks cleaner, IMO, and I like the fact that the KH is more versatile than a XTP.

That being said, I’ve never ridden a XTP frame so I can’t tell.

Although the XTP is a very nice product, I would prefer the more traditional KH, simply for two reasons: I don’t like to have a seatpost-clamp that would hurt my knees when doing for example seat in front freehanded backward, and secondly the XTP doesn’t allow any stand-up skills.
OK, for trails the 2nd one may not be an issue at all, the 1st argument also not that much of an issue… but still it are considerations.

But if your riding purpose is pure just only trails, then I would like to see the weight of the two. If the XTP is significant more lightweight, the I would go for that.

As to your question wether they would break… they both can, and it depents on the quality of the welding (or glued parts?).
The ‘lugs’ of the XTP would make again prefer that one.

But I mean for trials. Its not more versatile for trials.