XTP Fluo Questions

So I did a search and read up on the reviews for this uni and had a few questions.

  1. I found it for $130 shipped, worth it?
  2. I have been using my Nimbus II 24" for trials, will it be lighter/easier on this uni?
  3. I’ve read that the frame dents pretty easily so would other frames fit if it does break?
  4. Besides the frame, is this a strong uni?


it is worth it for 130
it will be easier with a trials
when i broke my frame i replaced it with a kh
yes its a strong uni

Sweet! I’ll go ahead and order it now. I’m skeptical of the site but if it goes through I’ll post a link

I tried ordering from here: http://view.winbootsugg.com/cfg-xtp-fluo-20inch-unicycle-toys-amp-games_p1534.html but it’s giving me lots of trouble. It won’t let me pay by CC or PP since I’m a new member and it won’t let me do Cash on Deliv since I’m not in China. I also can’t find a way to contact them so I think the whole thing is a sham :frowning: If somebody can get it to work let me know.

Besides that site, are there any other places to get the XTP cheap (I’m fine with used if people want to sell theirs)?

so yeah… don’t send that site any money


Ahh thanks so much! I’ve never been so happy to have somebody not accept my money :smiley:

Cheapest I’m finding is $165 shipped (not a scam this time haha)
Still worth it right?
Anybody find it cheaper?

165 is a good price. id still buy it

it’s not a XTP !!! it’s a Devil

Yeah, I know but its’s called an XTP on all the sites and it’s still a good uni. I ordered it last night and I’ll post a review once it comes!

Testing in progress :slight_smile:

XTP Fluo Review

The uni has been great so far! Strong and cheap, what else could you want? :slight_smile:

The uni is heavier than I thought/anticipated but that’s because it’s pretty damn strong. It’s probably around 15lbs.

On the inside of the cranks it says “Reinforced” so I think I got the reinforced cranks instead of lightweight but that’s ok with me since that just adds to the strength.

I find the seat pretty comfortable. It’s not as good as say a KH Fusion but it’s a trials uni so you don’t spend as much time sitting on the seat.

I’ve only had one significant problem with it (aside from the horrendous fluo green which can be fixed with a can of spray paint) and that is the front bumper has divots in it which were extremely painful to grip. That was slightly problematic for a trials uni since I’m grabbing that 99% of the time. This problem was easily solved by covering the grip in duct tape. Now it’s soft and grippy making me happy unicyclist :smiley:

One other minor problem is that the seatpost clamp is single bolt instead of double bolt. This hasn’t been a problem yet but I may end up replacing it in the future just for peace of mind.

Overall, this is a fantastic uni. If you’re on a budget, or even if you aren’t, and you want a quality trials uni, look no further than an XTP Fluo.

Nice review, good to hear you like the unicycle! All saddles except the latest KH saddles have the same handle, so it’s not really a problem specific to this unicycle. Looks like you found a good solution though! I wouldn’t worry about the single bolt seat clamp. I’ve been using a K1 single bolt seat clamp like the one you have for a long time and I’ve never had issues, in fact I’ve found it to work a lot better than some double bolt clamps. Have fun with your new uni!

Well I know my Torker LX had a different handle but I didn’t know that a lot of other saddles had the same handle. Oh well, easy remedy.
And that’s reassuring to hear about the clamp. All it needs is some black or blue spray paint and we’re golden :slight_smile: