XC MUni in western Maryland?

My brother and I are taking a quick trip from Indiana to eastern Maryland this weekend, and have one day to MUni in western Maryland on the way. Are there any particularly good cross country muni trails we should try? We haven’t decided where we are camping yet… Thanks!

I haven’t ridden in western Maryland so I can’t comment on the trails there. The furthest west in the state I have ridden are the trails at Greenbrier State Park (which also has camping). It is just off I-70 between Hagerstown and Frederick. They are nice trails but I am partial to the trails around me in central Maryland near Germantown (between Frederick and DC). The trails that I like are Schaeffer Farms, Black Hills and Hoyles Mill which are all connected to each other. There is also camping nearby at Little Bennett Regional Park. If you want to ride those trails let me know.

Thanks for the tips. We didn’t make it that far east before we had to camp (a late start plus sunset and thunderstorm at the same time…), so we just rode in Garrett State Forest. It was a good ride. We’re used to packed dirt and areas of roots, so it took a while to get used to all the wet stones, but we had a good time. We drove through a couple other parks and state forests on the way, and we may try them when we have more time. The parks you recommended are convenient for where we usually go, so maybe next time.