XC Mountain Unicycling: Australia

Hi everyone,
I’ve had this footage for too long so i decided to stick it together in a short vid. The trails are sections of my favourite XC loop on the Mt Majura and Mt Ainslie Nature reserves. Luckily I live within a 10min ride from the trail head so they are the trails I ride most when training for MTB races or Unicycle events. There is a good mix of climbing and descents, from swooping single track to technical downs.

I would have liked to get more stationary shots to better show off the trails and their surrounds but I find it hard to interrupt a ride so regularly to set them up. It is shot on my new(ish) Gopro HD. I am riding my Geared 24" with 125mm cranks and custom handle.

Hope you enjoy it! Comments are appreciated.


I’m the same way, never want to stop.

Are you using something to mount your gopro on? Topeak Bar Xtender?

I enjoyed the video. But it made be a bit angry because my local trails are still too wet to ride without damaging. But that’s not your fault.

Nice one Mark,

Interesting camera angles! some more still angles could of worked like you said though.

awesome trails and riding also!

keep up the good work

Cool video, looks like a nice place to muni.

Very zen feeling. That was cool, I enjoyed it. Looks like a fun trail, you handle your 24 guni well.

@ Muniorbust- I used a seat post attachment for the GoPro for most of the shots. I attached it to the seatpost and to my handlebar in different configurations to get the angles in the film. The attachment can also clamp to smallish branches on trees (most of the 3rd person shots were done this way). Thanks for the comments.


Nice vid. slick gear changes as well