XC GUni Bars NEW, 3 Only!

I have 3 XC GUni Bars for sale.

These bars are hand made, and were produced in the same batch as the two bars I’ve used for the last 18 months or more on both my KH36 and KH24 GUni (and KH36 GUni before that). There were two main iterations of the bar before this final version.

They are super burly bars that can take many beatings, yet weigh around 400grams.

The bar replaces the front bumper, replicating its functionality, and retains the brake under the seat positioning. It offers a bunch of hand positions, and you fit your own bar ends. GREAT on a GUni or larger wheeled single speed uni.

For those familiar with the T7 bar, the GUni bar primary hand position is further forward and lower, but not by a huge amount. It is significantly wider though.

I had hoped to find a way to produce the bars economically but sadly it seems production of ANYTHING in Australia is a dying industry.

If you’re interested there are a few things you need to know before buying one:

Firstly to be able to fit and use the XC Guni Bar you MUST already have:

Also while the bars will work ok with most body shapes they were tuned to someone around my size. I’m 174cm, about 74kg.

At this stage there is no plan to produce any more XC GUni bars, so there are no spare parts, exchanges or returns. I just have three spare here that I hope to sell to help pay for the process of making the bars originally.

I’ve attached a pic of what you’d receive in the mail - the bar and the spacer plate.

Costwise - keep in mind they weren’t made in a sweat shop or factory but by an Alu craftsman here in Australia.

XC GUni Bar: $130 AU
Postage cost to USA as example: $18.00 AU

If you’ve got this far, congrats! :slight_smile:

The initial XC GUni Bar post on my blog in May 2009

If you’d like to buy one, post to this thread, PM me here or contact me via

An extra pic of the bar attached, and now posted to my blog at:


Nice work there. You can tell that a lot of time and thought went into this set up. A thing of beauty. Did you have the side plates laser cut before forming them into shape?


Thanks Bryce. Yeah the side plates were cut out by laser before being folded, assembled etc. Took a lot of work (and a couple of versions) to go from the idea and sketches to the real thing… was a good project!

1 XC GUni bar sold, 2 remaining!

2 XC GUni bars sold.

At this stage the remaining bar is probably also sold, along with the spare I was going to keep for myself.

All GUni bars have been sold and will ship today. Thanks so much guys, means a bunch to me.