xavs trials tire?

where can i get thatslick roung tire that xav uses? or does he make t that way?

i think it might be custom. i might be wrong…

I heard in some other thread that he took a normal trials tire and cut the nubs off, but if i remember correctly that tire actualy failed, so if he is still using a flat one then maybe he got a custom tire.

Could this be a sign of tires to come from try-all!?!?!

I think a tire like that would be a great idea. A special ‘Street’ style tire. I’d buy one.

I would buy five, hopefully enough to last me until whenever; before they end up like a luna tire. (Who even makes a luna tire?!)

yeah i mentioned this in another thread…i think it is a prototype…its way to smooth to have had the nubs just cut off.

Guy from UDC australia was saying that the luna tyres are actually made by maxxis. they dont have maxxis on them because apparently some countries dont like buying american stuff or something. i dunno.
But yeah, they are definately made by Maxxis.



the bio on k-1.com said this about his unis:

my unis: Prototype K1 / DEVIL /

so the whole uni is a prototype! i was wondering, cause i never recognised his frame from anywhere.

I’m pretty sure it’s a koxx frame.

Me & kington99 were having this conversation yesterday… Xav appears to have an old (unpainted) koxx devil frame, with a normal seatpost and a new saddle, but a 3-bolt seatclamp. Its a cheesehole rim, with a koxx-1 isis hub, but with different, hollow, 3-piece cranks on it. And the tyre is a slick, treadless tyre but made of what appears to be a more durable compound than the sticky fingers.

If you watch the Barcelona vid and pause at all the closeups, you can see that the cranks aren’t right, but the hub is thin like the koxx. And that the tyre has the try-all markings on the sidewall, so its an official (prototype) tyre.


but why would maxxis make two completely diff trials/street tires? to me that doesnt make sense.

Xavier uses a TryAll Sticky tire without nubs, he just cuts them of with a knife

i think he used to but now he uses a prototype tire cuz the tire is too slick to just have the nubs cut off

He write in the Barcelona Thread that he hat cut down the normal try all tire…

I think he cut the nobs off and sanded whats left over of the nobs, thats why its so smooth. He is sponsord by 24 bicycles and i think those are the pedals, and maybe the clamp. And the hub and cranks are onza, in his older movies he rides a onza and some of the koxx movies. He probly likes the onza because of all the flatland stuff he does ( koxx carnks are really hard to stand on).

that would suck to cut of all those studs! although i might do that to my uni when i get a trails

Hey, I just saw that there is a thread on my uni, haha…

The unicycle that I ride is a Koxx One prototype :
K1 new saddle
K1 prototype seat post
24 Bicycles Clamp
K1 Frame
K1 prototype cranks
24 Bicycles pedals
K1 Hub and Rim
Try All Tire that I have cut the (cramps ? i don’t know the good word in english…)


Xavier C.

you could say tread or studs or whatever.

how do you go about cutting them all off?


I cut them one by one with a cutter and after, I grind the tire until it is slick.
It’s very long but it’s worth the trouble.

Xavier C.

but of course