Xavier's cammo saddle

upon closer inspection of the xavier collos “vener” video, I noticed that he has a beautiful camoflage colored koxx-one saddle. I love the look of it and am going to search for some vinyl for making my own saddle cover.
Is this a one-off xavier custom koxx saddle or am I missing something here?

I’ve never seen one. Probably an easily made custom. Infact, that gives me a good idea–I think I’ll go to the fabric store and make a totally sweet “my little pony” one or something for my 29er.

this is like the fifth thing that has made me wonder “are you gay?”

i was thinking of making a seat with flames after my giraffe project

i can get some “miffy” fabric from my local japanese shop, oooh, and hello kitty.
that might turn a few heads. lol

I noticed that camo seat too, but forgot about it…

For some reason I have always wanted a cow print on my seat.

Nope, but I’m really happy. :wink:

I want to get mine in a nice pinstripe, or plaid. Something Ironic. Like the new Shadow seats, I really like the top one.

you stole my plaid idea (i had it first im taking it)

nice ideas coming from here. i’ll have to decide from so many fabric choises. problem is that vinyl dont come in too many colours to my knowledge, and need to use string fabric.

i also noticed in that vid that xavier has a black and a white pedal !

which i reckon looks absolutly wiked, but i might have just imagined that they were black and white :thinking:

but i am gonna try get me lbs to let me buy two jimmy c’s of black and white colour :slight_smile: hope they let me

whats wrong with a bit of white spray paint these days eh? :wink:

it will come straight off wen i grind and crank grab!

i used silver paint on one set of pedals i had, but i broke the pedals so i didnt get the chance to wear off the paint. still, i recon it would last long enough, and then just repaint :wink:

i think it would be more likely to wear off heaps and chip away on the main contact spots. And then it would look really patchy …

This kind of saddle cover will be sold soon (in april I guess)… he doesn’t have custom it. Xavier got it before it’s on sale as he’s a k1 team member, he has to “test” the material !!

There are lots of koxx covers, zebra, cow, leather, miliraty, keblar… Be patient and you´ll see some for sale soon.

You can find picks sowing some of them at the koxx gallery, also in the latest videos of the koxx team almost each rider uses a different one.

Miffy? Check out this flyer. It’s for a night a friend of mine puts on: www.soundation.net

Keep in mind that the paint (or anodized or whatever the hell it is) that comes on the pedals will wear off as well. Even on the nongrinding/pedal grabbing sides of things. Mine are mostly bare metal by now except for the sides that my feet never touch.