xavier collos

what style of riding is xavier collos

Very very smooth street and flatland. It is an awesome mix is freaking sweet to watch.

I love the 180 no footer down a 6-7-8 set.


extreme downhill

ya hes kind of a style all his own its like kinda rollin hop trials with street but very smooth

Street + Flatland.

Xav mainly does clown-style uni-ing. Preferably wearing something see-through.

Halfpipe skateboarding.
His triple kickflips to indy are so clean.

Peter M

hes a rally driver i think

extreme uphill…

To sum up: moderate long distance roundhill to indy in see-through clothes.


He doesn’t ride

That about sum it up.


Electronic indie-pop

Does xavior have a gallery?

Check out www.xaviercollos.com

He definitely rides backwards.

This thread wins.