Xavier Collos

Does anyone know what unicycle Xavier Collos rides

Orange Bud recently…

DH Pro Street months and months back.

I think he also rides the black whatever now too

Orange bud and Black domina according to his profile thingy on the koxx website.

hmm sponsoring people just doesn’t work does it?


Because the idea of sponsoring someone is they spread around who they are sponsored by, but obviously he doesn’t know what he is riding, which is the point of him being sponsored.

Cause this dude didn’t know what he rides.

Oh, thats what he meant. Well most unicyclists that know who Xavier is knows that he is sponsored by koxx.

well you can’t really expect everyone to. especially someone that’s pretty recent to the unicycling world (based on his join date)

I think he was riding the orange bud at unicon 13

Definatly, unless someone runs around screaming I’m sponsored by so and so, you won’t find out about them until you see a video, or some other place where they are advertising who they are sponsored by.