Xavier Collos

i have a new web site, you can see my pics and vids…


Your site has got class. Good videos too. Very nice style.

Fantastic site, mind if we link to it from www.unicycle.2ya.com?


Thank you !
Yes you can do that.

yeah dude!


Nice vids, great site!

What kind of uni do you ride?

I ride the new Koxx One (the “DEVIL”).
This uni is awesome, i addvice it to everybody.

Beautiful web site. Very classy! I did not look at the videos, but the photos were excellent, and it was nice to see a site that was not advertised until it was finished. Nothin like being told to go “check out my cool new web site!” to find one or two pages of content, and the rest of the site waiting for some.

But I digress. Most of my own web site is so old some of the pages are drying up and starting to flake away. Rest assured it is on my list of future projects… :stuck_out_tongue:

I especially like the donut drop photo, and the newspaper article with the picture that makes it look like you’re jumping over your unicycle, but not riding it. Don’t you love how the press seems too-often to choose pictures of us falling off?

Again, I should talk. If you could see my avatar up close, you’d notice I might be falling off as well…

One question though: Why do it in frames? The problem with frames is it makes it impossible for people to link to anything but your homepage. That’s why in all my years of professional (web) work I have only done framed sites about two or three times. Once because it had to be that way to work with a data system, and the other times because the client could not be convinced otherwise… Generally whatever advantages you get from using a frame system can be done just as easily by other means, such as with server-side includes (.inc).

I’m glad I went to this English speaking forum to read about that because there is nothing in the french one!

Very good videos (with my dad computer I can read them correctly)
About the last video, I would just say that’s a pitty that the quality is not always good and that we can see the photograph. (If not, We could have talked about a “professional” video)

very nice videos