Xavier Collos Website Password

Does anybody know the password for the hidden budweiser link? :thinking:

just right click nd then click run program or open media or whate ver.


It’s a Dutch beer
Just to make that clear :stuck_out_tongue:


Hah yeah even heinekin is better than budweiser. Grolsch still puts those two down without contest though.

Not to spoil it for anyone, but it does say the password at the end of the hidden clip… ‘ticotico’

Actualy it sais special thanks to tico tico, it doesn’t mention it having anything to do with the password.

it does work as a password though

Grolsch is Dutch to if I’m not mistaking.
Good beer indeed, but Cristal is beter


Hey, you know what? You’re RIGHT! It doesn’t ‘actualy’ say it’s the password, it just so happens that it is. I believe what I said was “it does say the password at the end of the hidden clip.” It doesn’t say that it is the password, it just simply says the password… so thanks for correcting me on that one.

Ahh true true, I actualy tried it as the password right after I posted it, but left for work and couldn’t edit it in time.

Yes I believe Grolsch is Dutch, and yes there is always a better beer out there. The best beer is always the new one you discover it seems. Still Grolsch for me is a good one to fall back upon because its not too hard to get ahold of and its really really good. You can even get it at some clubs and bars, which is damn fine!

Try Cristal if you get a the change.
It’s beer from Belgium, realy good :slight_smile: