Xavier Collos Video "Vener"

Hello !

I have edit a new video called “Vener” ( most flatland )
You can see it on my website : www.xaviercollos.com
I hope that you will enjoy it !


Xavier Collos

P.S : don’t forget to download the flash plugin to see the website

:astonished: That’s one sweet, smooth movie.
But the only thing thats missing is bails:D

Is there a direct link to the video?

thanks, jabbath

that was sweet…i liked the 720 unispin and the nofooter down the stairs…that was wicked.

I wanna download it!!!
That was the sickest riding ever!!

yup i liked it


Definitely that video is worth watching. Very smooth moves and impressive speed.
That’s right, Shaun Johanneson can’t be sleeping on his uni if he wants to do better : i’m so waiting the flip trick video now.

Isn’t there a link to download it directly ?


wow! you are one of the best!! I really liked when you jumped onto the bench, then on that slanted wall then over the bench again.

That was SICK… but it would be even better if i could save it to my computer…

Thanks for telling us about this Xavier, you produce some great videos.

that way way tight dude u r my fav rider now.


Entirely sick. Wonderful flatlanding. I liked some of those little flip trick to little trick stuff. Ha. Fun to fool around with. Radical. I won’t be sleeping around, but none of my stuff is flatland, come on, why would it be if I had to compete with that. Haha. I’ll stick to the flips. You also want huge on that 540, I didn’t see the 720 like others said it was, sorry. Keep it up def one of the best, going out to ride, laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

that was ace !!!

xavier, very nice video, i like it ! especialley the rolling hop on the bench, the transfer to the wall and back on the ground. i looks so easy. how many hours do ride in a week ?

felix (koxx rocks)

That was very good, thank you for sharing!

So much for Defect…

Me too!

That one hell of a video!

REALLY nice put together, not to mention the riding!
I just love the fact that this sport is progressing…

And i DO have some catching up to do! :wink:


men what ever he does xavier just owns… crazy vid dude… now it’s gonna be like a vid comp with you and shaun tonight… yay fun fun

i need a direct link NOW please…


Ha a vid comp. Mine’s not that good, just 3 hours of filming before the superbowl. Haha. But yeah it’s getting on here, sorry taking so long.

C’est tres bien, Xavier!