Xavier Collos in Barcelona

check your pms


Awesome!! even though i couldnt understand most of the last bit i laughed a bunch…

Sweet video + your sites awesome toooo

Ohh man, that is some sweeeet riding. Lovin that crankflip between the benches, that was sick. Good choice of music too.

He has to be the best all round rider in the world now, surely?

Xavier, great riding! You are most definitely the master of street unicycling. Every one of your vids motivates me so much to improve my riding. Keep up the good work. Your website is awesome too.:smiley:


Thats a cool vid with some great fast paced shots. Good fast linkage of some tricks too!

Best all around rider in the WORLD??? Not sure if you are referring to all around with street riding or unicycling in general… In general I think that stuff people have done with freestyle and trials is much more challenging than most of the street stuff right now. I’ve seen fairly beginner/intermediate riders doing some of the upper level street tricks, but I doubt you would see that with freestyle riding. Most little flatland tricks and variations that the more skilled street riders are doing take them 10-20 minutes to land for the first time (thats not very long at all!)

Best all around street rider? Definitly one of the most skilled and talented in the street riding department, but I don’t think so. So who is? I don’t know… Probably nobody at the moment. I guess best rider is an opinion just as favorite rider is, but it’s really hard to put a finger on with street riding. There are so many aspects that make a good street rider good that you can’t pick up that well from a video either.

well xav is my fav, whoa that rhymed, but shaun is my second fav.


Thank you all,
My tire is a Try All but i have cut the cramps…
I find it better for street riding

Yes you can upload my movie on the gallery if you want


Xavier C.

You raise some valid points there Dan. I guess what you’re saying is right, there are definitely harder things to learn in other branches of unicycling for sure.

And you’re right about the street riding part too, though as far as i’ve seen, Xav pulls off stuff with a real nice flow, a smoothness between tricks that some of the others don’t really have. Just my thoughts anyway. I think you should post some small clips of you sometime, it’d be wicked to see where you’re at.

Great Video !!!
I will but it on unicycle.tv soon (today I think)

I also agree to Dan cause there always will be many “best riders” all over the world but “the best” is for everyone a bit different.
Styles are sometimes so different that they are not really comparable.
Especially in movies it is a combination of riding and cutting and music and location that makes together the feeling of the movie.

How ever, we all should be happy to got a lot of video Material from several very good riders all over the world. Even at Unicon we got only results who is the best on that one day in that one discipline. One Person must win all disciplines at Unicon to think that he maybe could be the best for the moment.
We shouldn’t forget also all those riders that don’t care about video and competition. A friend of me meets a BMXer two days ago and he never compete and he never make a video but he told us that he meets the World Champion some days before and they make a small fun competition. This unknown Guy was the winner :slight_smile:

I think people like Dan, Xav, Shaun, Kris, Yoggi and many more (please don’t kill me for forgetting you, I don’t!I mean also YOU) help a lot to bring unicycling forward in the World !!!

Thanks to all of them and YEAHHHHH you are all fantastic in your way of riding !!!

Cool vid Xav!!

The comment from Dan about how it takes most guys 10-20 mins to land new street tricks got me thinking, it’s kinda true but I think it’s “harder” to learn street and trials skills than it is to learn new flatlands tricks.

This is probably a bad example but, for me, 10-20 minutes of practicing a 360 down an 8-set is mentally tougher and more daunting than putting 10-20 mins into learning say “hand ww for 10 metres” where it’s not really as scary as it is repetitive. I think this is probably why it takes a very special person to have what it takes to put the hours in to learn ALL the street tricks they want and to be able to perform them in any given situation.

Fair point?

Here is the vid in a galllery for those of you who had trouble downloading.

I like the point you do bring up Pete. To be good at flatland is wonderful of course, but one is ignoring the fear of everything. To see someone do something that’s tech and huge at the same time (more than just a crankflip some set, or 3 some set) is probably the most difficult form of ‘street’. The vid was amazing and Xav is extremely flowing but nothing struck me as being scary to try (granted he only had two days). So I guess this is just a repeat of what Pete said.

-Shaun Johanneson

Wowee! I really, really enjoyed that video! Your riding is phenomenal Xavier. I particularly enjoyed that vid as I’ve ridden in some of the same spots (though nowhere near as nicely), Particularly around Parc Guell and some of those plazas around the Barrio Gothic.

Nice one Xavier!

Wow! Great movie xav!

Isn’t anybody (not even shaun :astonished: )gonna give him credit for the double flip! And freestyle and flatlands tricks like the stuff he does are alot harder to learn than street stuff in my opinion. Great riding! Your really getting good at those flip tricks!

Btw, how long does it take for ur tire to wear through without the nobs (cramps)?

You must be kidding ???
I AM THE BEST RIDER IN THE WORLD, I could do this after 5 weeks of riding…

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes:

Fear a Factor?

One can’t neglect fear. Flatland moves have no fear in them, just tech. I give him more credit on the double than any flatland move strickly because of the fear. Though the double flip isn’t that hard if one can jump (trips only matter if you can jump high too). I prefer to see kevin one foot a 7 set then any flatland move. Fear is really respectable if one can over come it to get the trick. That’s also why freestyle doesn’t impress me too much (it’s amazing no doubt, but no fear).

-Shaun Johanneson

stand up glides are scary to jump into from straight riding. to me anyways.

I say the must scary stuff is big tech… for an example… crankflip over an 8 stair… Mostly any tricks where 1 foot or both leave the pedals over stairs are scary as hell… I enjoy doing no-footers over stairs and im guessing it’s probably as scarry as doing a 1 footer or even a crankflip…

sweet video… wha kinda tire is that… (sorry if it was alreay asked)


the tire he rides is a try-all with the knobs cut off and he uses a grinder to make it totally smooth…he said that it takes alot of time to mod but its worth it for street