Xavier Collos in Barcelona

Hey everyone,

I went to Barcelona ( Spain ) for two days last month with some friends in order to visit and ride around.
This is the link for the video :

Filming and Editing : Jean-Etienne Parrot


Xavier C.

woohoo, downloading the now

downloading now…

that was sweet!!! your so flowy it amazing. just a question though…what type of tire do you ride on…it looks like its just a tube in closups its pretty bald, is that a certain tire or is it just a tire that has been made bald by excessive riding?

sweeet vid


fack man, that’s wicked. your the man!

Great! Thanks. :slight_smile:

It was almost certinly a try-all, (my vid is still downloading). The reason why it could look bald is because he is a street rider and the nobbies on the tyre can affect riding and make lines less smooth.


(cant wait man)

That is some real action shots! GREAT riding!

Wouldnt mind some subtitles in the “behind the scenes” part though!
I felt pretty lost! :wink:

ahah im happy that french is my first language

really good video and well done !

ahah im happy that french is my first language

really good video and well done !

looks sick - safe xav!

swarbrim- that was my first reaction too but it really looks like hes just riding on a tube.

awesome !

I wish I could do stuff like that some day !!!

it wont work for me

WOA! that was some crazy good riding.
Too bad I don´t understand french at all. put some subtitles on the last half or skip it.

why does my wmp say the file is corrupted and wont play it? is the vid on your website?

Udjiniese it did that for me the first time i tried but 2nd time nn now its workin it looks like a gr8 vid so far xav

great vid

still happeneing, can someone d-load it to a gallery or something if xav says its ok?

and i dont think you could have spelled my name worse! :slight_smile:

i can send you an e-mail with the vid as an attachment ive got it (along with various others)saved on my comp…pm me if you want it.