Xavier Collos - Flat Trip

Hey everybody !

I’m Tom Pec ( Thomas Petracco ) and i’ve got a video for you guys !

I’ve filmed Xav’Collos at the Koxx Days 2007 and I made a video.
It’s on the Koxx-One site in the video section.

Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Cya !

Not sure if it’s because the server’s busy but I’m only getting 3.5kb/s (on a broadband connection). Anyone want to throw this one on youtube and give us the link? Cheers

it is on youtube, just search for flat trip.

the film is cool!

The youtube link is up !

Can you maybe put it on the gallery to?
Then I could download it…

Peter M

Wait, did Arthur Caron hit a triple or a double in his clip? Deffinitely looks like a triple, but I want to make sure because I’ve never seen a triple landed on flat.

It’s a 2.5… see how he lands left foot forward?

Don’t know what else to say, it was good, nice video, cool tricks. Tres bien

great movie!! what song was that? (the spanish rap one)

Athur Caron did a 2,5 on this video, but he already landed the 3 on flat :wink:

Here’s a direct link for those who want it : Right click, save as …

EDIT : the song is written at the end of the video, its Flaminio maphia feat. Max Pezzali - " La mia banda suona il rap "

Awesome vid. Nice late flip tricks.

HE IS AWESOME! I would do any thing to be that good.

That was really awesome, I liked the tricks into crankrolls.
The hop over the tennis net was gutsy.

Pretty cool eh, xav is good!

Really good :smiley:

No offence to Shaun (and severl others), but a lot of tricks he says are late, you have to look really close to tell. On many of Xav’s it’s flat out obvious.

I like how smooth that double crank in slomo looks…

Were those pedal flips??? :thinking:

(p.s. i like the song)

sick!! I loved all the new smooth new flatland crankrolls.


i saw this video on youtube before it put on here.
its insane. but he stole shifty flip idea.
crazy as though.

He didn’t steal it. He never claimed he was the first to do it or anything. First time I’ve seen it though. Looks pretty cool.

What was that other flip were he pulled the seat out? I guess it was just a tweaked out crankflip…

it was a joke