xavier collos en street

Some of the footage is from his other vids, but I would say half I’ve never seen of him before.


It doesn’t get better than that, imo! State-of-the-art riding!:smiley:

I found that vid a few weeks ago and I thought it was great. I think its better then all of his other vids.

That was sweet. I’d never seen a hop up a 6 set!

If I’m not mistaken, this vid was out before Defect came out, but Xavier had to take it down because it had a lot of the same clips as used in Defect.

what does imo mean? I love this vid.

It’s funny to hear some of these comments. Just curious where have you guys been in the last two years? This vid is atleast two some years old. It’s like his first one. Yeah it was much before Defect. I think it’s funny that use to be really good back then. Man have things changed.

-Shaun Johanneson

Nice Job

Nice job on Defect unifreak7, it was definately inspiring!:slight_smile:

IMO= In my opinion.:slight_smile:

or does it mean “in my orifice”?

“iMo” is Apple’s version of Emo. Terry is calling skilewis an apple loving depressed kid.

That was sweet, was that a 720 unispin at 38 seconds.

also I think he has got one of the smoothest 360s ever.


Yes, in your orifice, lol! :roll_eyes:

what was that you said? “in MuniAddict’s orifice”?:wink:

Fixed. Haha nice try!:smiley:


has Xav’ had any new stuff latley. I saw him in the k1 flat trip video, and i know he wasnt at fluck. Is he around much anymore?