Xango Promo Vid


I’ve been sponsored locally by this product’s N.D. group for alittle while now and finally got time to put out their promotional video of me. It’s short, with nothing special footage, however most footage is new. Enjoy.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Audio is off by just a few frames.

I enjoyed watching the new stuff. The riding was mad nice to watch. Like that jump over the bench. Its been done a million and one times, but it never gets old. Keep riding hard.

Great video! Very inspiring! Love the music aswell!

Did ecko sponsor you? Because your my space has an ecko theme and your wearing some ecko stuff in this film. Or do you just really like ecko?

Anyways amazing film!

You know why this vid was so awesome? :smiley: Because it had NO prehops :astonished: I love it!


Didnt realy like the music, little bit too screamy, but the riding was awesome as always. Im looking forward to some more longer vids again.

Loved it.
Specially the lines with one rev between the tricks.

Thanks guys,

Some of this footage was actually meant to be in a sponsorme vid for ecko, however, I came tot he conclusion that it would be impossible for them. So I took that footage mixed it with some Xango clips to put out the xango film early and get it off my mind before germany. I will change the ecko theme shortly. Also because of pushing hard for them back awhile ago, but no longer.

-Shaun Johanneson

i really liked the filming and redjumpsuit is amazing so the vid was great

sorry to hear that the plans with ecko fell threw

Your doin well Shaun.

sweet awesome stuff, i loved the grinds. i need to work on getting mine more smooth

Sick. When are you going to take fifths down sets?

i liked ia lot. very inspiring riding. that stuff was just amazing, the grind especially.

i know unicyclists all have our own “style” and preferences, but i think that yur hat always crooked, and sideways makes you look silly and a bit less mature. i am not knock you personally at all, but i think that the hat, just staight forward would make you look more professonal, but i gues not to ecko, b/c they a designer clothes. ok im rambling srry.

Shaun honestly, this is one of my favorite vids by you.
You have so much pop, smooth-tacity, and style in your riding.
Great job!!


cool vid man, xango does av’s? how sweet would riding with av’s be haha

Great video Shaun really impressive and the music really seemed to fit. By the way is that a white handle on your seat?

nice short video, i really liked it, patendedsuccess.com doesnt exist though

One of my favorites of yours :smiley:

Maybe if you used a “t:stuck_out_tongue:

i love your handrail grinds when you do those grinds it looks like everyone could do :slight_smile: see you in two weeks

nice vid, good to see some big stuff again, loved the blind, blunt and flip out on the skatepark rails