ok i saw this on some random ass website and it said that an X-Up on a unicycle is when u 180unispin to 180 unispin back all in the same trick, thus crossing your arms and making an X. i want to know who’s done it, i tried today and came really close but my feet landed funny and i fell…and if someone has landed it, any tips would be much appreciated.

shaun johanenson did this already

A lot of people can do it. Shaun did an X up flip (Crankflip with an x up) and it looked crazy.

thats awesome, see i have dial up so i dont get a chance to see all the awesome videos out there…i can barely look at the pics people have…thats awesome though i’ve found my goal for the week, YESSS!!!

Weird, I was just thinking about this today. Is there a video of shaun doing it? and if so where can i find it?

The x up flip is in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Vwv1vk_U2M

I know there is an old clip of him doing a normal x up on unicyclist.org too.

thats flip x up is really insane!

x-up flip = my idea (If I remember correctly I was trying them and was getting 90º X-up flips and told shaun to try his luck at one and he got them full 180º). It’s a sweet trick.

In the Snacking with Shaun video I do a normal X-up. They’re really trippy. It’s good to know a 360 unispin for this trick. Make sure you have a really nice ariel height. Mad jumps of the uni. Then concentrate to 1spin and finish the spin (holding on to the seat with both hands the whole) at the peak of your jump, then snap back the uni and return like you did a huge ariel. Things to know before trying it.

-180 unispin
-Blind 180 unispin (spin opposite as your comfortable)
-360 unispin
-Good Ariels
-Late Unispin (jump up, seat out in front, holding the uni in the unispin position, and spin it the 180 on your way down)
-Late Blind Unispin (not as important as teh rest)

Then mad ariel snap the uni 180 one way, then bring it back to the same spot, your feet will do an ariel and they should return to their same spot, landing the trick.

-Shaun Johanneson

I actualy find x-ups easier than 360 unispins, because you don’t have to let go and the pulling it back just makes it feel natural because you are just returning your hands to proper positioning. That being said I don’t tend to do x-ups with a full 180, closer to a 120.