X-mas came early for me!

Yes, everyone, I finally did it… I broke down today and bought a 24" Uni. I couldn’t wait to order one or go any longer on my 16" Hedstrom. It’s kinda dark in the picture, but I’ll get more pics and videos later! Riding has improved greatly, and outside of running my knee into a concrete wall I’m doing great! Total cost: $100.
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

YOU PAID 100$ FOR A SAVEDGE!?!?!?!?!


hmmmmmm, that might not work as a link, but, YOU CAN GET THAT SAME UNICYCLE FOR 75$ at UNICYCLE.COM

in the case that you are not talking about US dollars, please accept my appoligy.


i still like your car.

I figure after shipping and what not, it comes out to about the same. I couldn’t wait any longer and didn’t want to go to the mailbox everyday seeing if my Uni came in. I NEEDED to get off that 16" which I finally did. My next investment will be in a 20" for freestyle, or I might go and buy/make a MUni.

Looks like a Savage. Anything is a big step up from what you had. This will speed up your learning a great deal.

I think you’re right. You saved or lost 5 bucks but you will get in an extra week or two of riding something that is more your size.

Have fun.

Once I get good it’s time to build a 20" Uni for hoping, grinding, step riding, etc. Then I’ll turn this baby into a MUni