X - lip flip

Does anyone know what X -lip flip is?

I know what an X-up flip is… not an X-lip flip…

Can you explain?

A X-up is a 180 unispin and then a 180 blind unispin all in one junp.
A X-up flip is a X-up with a crankflip.

EDIT: can an x-up be blind then normal??? And has anyone done them this way?

What’s a V-up?
90 blind 90? Or would that be a shiftyspin?
90s don’t really have a blind though…
Great. Now I have to go try this “x-up”. GRRRRR
I should probably wait 'til my ankle heals but it’s so tempting…

DUDE!! The shiftyspin is only the…


Too bad I always cheat when I do it:p

whats a 180 to a blind 90?

or 90 to blind 180.

How about…Ratchetspin and reverse ratchetspin?
add a flip and it’s a ratchetflip
from tire, monkeyratchet
heh heh…
I dunno, they probably have already been landed and named.

from tire, it should be monkeywrench then.


I just tried the x-up and it’s freaky difficult:o

Then I almost got a ratchetspin but my feet both landed like a third of the way around the wheel from the frame and slipped off…
EDIT: just tried it again and got one of my feet caught in the spokes…

wtf :astonished: does enybody have a video of this trick? :slight_smile:


And the reason stian thought it was a X-lip flip is because of how the writting is in this vid.

for someone who doesn’t understand these complex names… it is usually the order of these tricks is how it gets the name?

Krisz and Shaun can do them. I can do a half x-up :wink:

ok…so thats just a 180 unispin.?..

Half X-up was the wrong term. What I meant is a 90, then 90 back.