X Games XIV

Day off so rode out to the Games to watch first hand. Yes, they are crazy. Most inspiring was the adaptive sno cross final, amazing.

Bobby Brown is the man!! Switch double misty 1440.

Yes he is (sick), double gold for him.

And he’s inproved so fast.

that is totally the fender from my old coker :stuck_out_tongue:

it works the best out of all, so far anyway, it is soft and flexible. did u switch it to your new coker?

far out thats sweet as! iv been watchin it heaps on tv but to be able to go there…geez nz is far away from everything :frowning:

I was watching on tv.preeeeeeeeety Coooooool

Hey…! That picture should be FGA (frequently given answers) at FAQ’s on “unicycling at the X-games”!