x games partition

i can make up one when i get back home. we could all sign and then get people we meet when we ride to sign. i wanna see shaun and dan in the x games.:slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Great idea!

no, don’t do it, the x games is overrated!!!
i don’t see a reason for it. too many people think its a joke and would be like WTFlip!!!

We can all sign the partition and then separate two rooms with it.

Unicycling will never be in X games.
No matter how hard anybody tries.
Sorry, it’s the sad, sad truth.

Yeah there have been many many threads about the x-games, unicycling lacks the speed/air/flow that are what make events in the x-games so spectacular. The events (in 2005) were: street vert and big-air skate board, park vert and dirt BMX, moto X wakeboarding and surfing. The only two events comparable to unicycling are the street boarding and BMX park riding, but these both still involve pretty big air and high speeds that unicycling just can’t offer. The x-games is about showcasing sports that will draw large crowds due to their spectacualr nature, not helping the development of minor (even by x-game standards) extreme sports. It’s a shame but that’s the way it goes.

are you serious?

Amen to that!! they’ve dropped so many sports over the years. and for the sports that they DO show, so many riders wouldn’t ever qualify, especially those riders in BMX ride more tech than big.

As riders, we all know that seeing someone bust a tech trick, or a tech combo with smooth flow is so much cooler than seeing the same big air backflips over and over and over again. It’s the non-riders and the X-games themselves that keep perpetuating that BIG AIR EXTREME OMG! message.

It takes one thing to get into the X-Games: Big Air Backflips, and More Big Air Backflips.

partition…perhaps you mean petition?

we could start a rival sports festival. get all those cool sports that the x-games have dropped and unicycling and create a competition that will kill the x-games.


they may let us ride behind a partition…

NTFS ,FAT32, EXT, etc…

yeah thats the type of partiton im used to

way to stay positive;)

Reiser, ext3, HFS+ and so on :slight_smile:

I just thought of something. Why is it that ESPN2 shows stuff like dominoes, chess, and spelling bees but not unicycling? It would bring (IMHO) a lot more viewers. Yea, I know I’m biased, but think about what non-unicyclists think. They would watch it just because it’s weird, so instead of focusing on the x games we should try to get ESPN coverage of like NAUCC or Unicon.

I 100% agree.

You beat me to it!

Dominos, chess, and spelling bees have fairly large followings. Nearly everyone has done one or all of those sometime while growing up, and can appreciate the level that these games have gone to. They also know how the competitions work.

Since probably way less than 1% of the population have ever ridden a unicycle, I don’t think there is that same connection…

Now… if you wanted a show… I say do this:

Get a Biker, a Skateboarder, maybe a Roller Blader, a Unicyclist, maybe even a pogo stick dude… And have them all do different competitions… Obstical courses, trials type things, etc… Make several events that all the competitors can do, but probably don’t do on a regular basis… Show the different approaches to the challenge… maybe keep points and score a winner…

If you did the show more than once, then you could allow new things join for a show and see how they stack up… like those foot wheeled things that were linked… or the springy stilt things… or whatever…

Just my $.02 worth…


In addition: Our competitions are competitor-friendly, not spectator-friendly. I like the KH trials competition scoring system for a participatory sport, but it lacks the suspense needed for broadcast.

That’s fine.