X Country & Downhill Muni Tips and Tricks

I thought it could be helpful to everyone to learn what kind of tips and tricks people are using and how they’re applied for muni.
These are things that work for me on my 29" Oracle that I’ve been riding for 2 years now.

  1. when you are cutting across and down a slope I find that I always use my downhill hand to grab my handlebars. Going into a switchback corner you then have your grip hand on the inside of the corner which makes my cornering easier.
    This also seems to be what I do as I approach any corner in X-country. I switch so my grip hand is on the inside of the corner.
    I’m slowly learning to keep both hands the wheel… I mean bars but I switch hands depending on the trail.

  2. just as you approach a dip (or any obstacle really) it’s always a good thing to power into it with just a smidgen more power than you think you need. The benefit of this is that it’s way easier to back off on the power after (or during) the obstacle has been cleared than it is to increase the power during the obstacle. Sooner or later you’ll feel like you’re coasting off of the obstacle with power to spare.

This is all I have for now.
What do you do that might help my riding?

I like the idea of this thread, but don’t have much to add!

My only advice is to keep reminding yourself to look ahead. I find my focus drifts closet to my wheel as I ride and I have to make a conscious effort to look further up the trail.

Also, ride different styles. Skills I learned on the 19" (mainly hopping) transfer to the bigger wheels I ride muni on.

I don’t suppose I’ve added much that most riders won’t know already there!

I second that one!
I always have to remind myself, but it makes such a difference!