Wyganowski frame unicycle pull apart 6 foot

Anyone out there have a wyganowski frame unicycle that pulls apart for travel that’s 6 foot, if so what weight is it? And what’s it like?
I’m looking for a lightweight 6 foot unicycle for travel that I can skip on, I have a nimbus at the moment but it’s a bit heavy, want somthing more around 6kg.
Thanks in advance.

I didn’t know he’d made such a thing. I’m pretty sure he is retired from frame making, so you’d have to find one in the hands of a person willing to sell. You might try a direct contact with the Twin Cities Unicycle Club, since they likely have the highest density of Wyganowski hardware:

But if he made them, they probably aren’t light. Wyganowski built things for heavy duty/professional use. That means burly and usually not light. My Wyganowski Freestyle frame (mid 90s) is made from a tandem headset. Not light, but appropriate for professional use. Any take-apart frame is necessarily going to be heavier than the equivalent frame that doesn’t come apart.

Might I suggest you find an old Schwinn Giraffe? The frame, when disassembled, is exactly 4’ long, and lighter than any take-apart thing you could find. When I flew with it, it was in a duffel bag with foam and/or blankets for padding (and usually other unicycles). Hard shell luggage is also heavy, and tends to get beat up pretty bad in luggage conveyor systems because it doesn’t have any “give”. I recommend something that’s a mix of fabric and rigid frame; the best of both worlds. You might be able to find something like that in the form of a wheeled duffel, though the 4’ part might be difficult.


I contacted Paul and he seems to make them light his 10 foot frame is only 13lbs not including wheel, pedals etc. But he doesnt have an exact weight of the 6 foot pull apart, so I just want to know if anyone has one that can weigh these.