Great news! A new online unicycles and accessories and info site is in the process of being made. If you’re interested in the layout and contents of the site it’ll be very similar to www.gapbikeshop.com as it’s owned by the same person - Gary Land of GP Unicycles, unicycles.com.au, and the Gap Bike Shop.


First, have a look at the gapbikeshop.com layout. Unicycles.com.au will take the exact same shape with the headings of Unicycles/Accessories, Profiles, Rides (or gatherings or something like that), News/Events, Photos/Videos, and Links. I’m sure there’ll probably be little changes to do with the buying process and stuff like that, but that’s basically it. The pictures of bikes and people riding bikes will obviously be changed to pictures of unicycling.

Unicycles/Accessories - This’ll include the usual photos, specs, prices, and stuff like that with some other options.

Since the site is run by someone who co-owns a bike shop, a whole range of cycling epuipment is available. However, since there’s so much available, it’s not really possible to put it all up on the site, so if you’re looking for something that’s not there don’t hesitate to ask. This’ll be mentioned on the site. Another thing is that custom combinations of parts will be available.

Profiles - Profiles of Gary and I in exactly the same style as on the bike shop site.

Rides and Gatherings - This is what Wayne was talking about in that other thread. There’ll be a list of all the unicycling gatherings in Australia with contact details ad stuff like that…hopefully a really useful feature.

News/Events - There’ll probably be some AUS related info here like details about UniNats and that sort of thing. Maybe if I ever end up organising my All Terrain Muni Challenge it’ll be mentioned here. :slight_smile:

Photos/Videos - Photos and videos (4 pages, 16 per page) of some of us unicycling. We’ll just grab stuff from www.unicyclist.com/gallery/andrew . There’ll be some good group ride photos and videos there.

Links - Links (don’t know which ones yet other than unicycling.org.au).

That’s about it for now…any questions? It’ll be a giant leap in Australian unicycling!


Can’t wait Andrew. I’m dying to see it first. Here’s my three links for you Andrew.

Unicyclist.com (What we are now on)
Afmagic (Australian Unicycle Society)
Unicycling.org (Includes Australian Roster listing)

If I was doing this for my website Andrew I will included it in.
Good luck Andrew. I’m Busting to see it soon.


I can’t wait to see the new site!!! Finally, an easier way of getting unicycles!!! I can’t wait to get my new GP unicycle either!!!

Okay, at the moment it looks like these unicycles will be available:


  • GP (with Aricle hub)
  • GP (with Profile hub)
  • GP (with suzue hub)
  • Customizable GP (this is where a 26" is available or variations of parts on a normal GP)
  • Aricle muni
  • QU-AX muni
  • Maybe another Aussie brand


  • GP (with Aricle hub)
  • GP (with Profile hub)
  • GP (with suzue hub)
  • Customizable GP
  • Aricle
  • QU-AX

Basic/learner/what I use for freestyle

  • 16"
  • 20" (with Savage or Viscount seat)
  • 24" (with Savage or Viscount seat)


  • 29"
  • Coker
  • Other stuff by request

Feel free to ask any questions.

I sent an email to your unicyclist.com account.


Um, I checked and I don’t think that I got one, my unicyclist.com email account doesn’t seem to be working. I tryed emailing myself from my hotmail account and it didn’t work. Try sending it to bjcj123@hotmail.com THANX!!!

And thanx for the info on the GP unicycles and on www.unicycles.com.au!!!

Maybe the site was down during that big Blackout in the U.S. I don’t know. Gilby will fix it for you ur. Find out later. While I’m on to this, I now not working with computers for the momemt due to where I was working decided to shut up shop. I decide to start my own shop selling unicycles very soon. I found a shop here in Toronto NSW Australia is vacant. The brands I’m limited for the moment is Semcycle, Savage, Torkers and hopefully I might get permission from Andrew is GP unicycles. Andrew just watch your PM’s later during the week if you can. I’m not sure just yet until I secure that Shop until I get to see inside and of cause sigining it on the dotted line. Besides it’s a mixed business between an Adult Shop and a Unicycle Shop. The name of the shop I haven’t decide yet. I will make a new thread later during the week for all the details.


It’s finally up and running!

Go to www.unicycles.com.au now. :slight_smile:


Terrific website Andrew. I’m proud of you mate. By the way…
I’m fine and my personel problems is on the mend. I should be back on the net hopefully next year sometime about April or May 2004. I’ll keep you posted.


Some one should make a unicycle store online for canada. Bedford unicycles is in canda but doesn’t have a website, if He had one I bet he’d get a lot more sales!

how do you find the price to the unicycles on your site?

To find the prices, etc. click on ‘Unicycles/Accessories’ at the top of the main page or just go to http://www.unicycles.com.au/bikes.html . The prices are there down the right hand side. I just noticed then that the address has ‘bikes’ in it…this would be because the site is based on the www.gapbikeshop.com site.

I know it’s not important but I’ll just point out that I didn’t make the site and I can’t take credit for the business or anything. I just lace the wheels and assemble the unis and that sort of thing.

Darren does have a webstie for Bedford Unicycles - http://www.bedfordunicycles.ca - it’s just not up and running yet from the looks of things. He’s also got some nice detailed shots of his products at http://community.webshots.com/album/56317676zEHDaR .