I’ve just set up a new website for all unicyclist to use as a gallery for all their unicycling pictures, a lot of the pages aren’t set up yet as it only went up yesterday. please have a look at www.unicyclepics.co.uk and send me any picture you want to go up. There will be lots of information about the schlumpf going up in the next few week and i am also trying to set up an up-to-date unicycle club list and contact details, so if you know or run a club near you please send all details to me at UniPics@hotmail.com

its a very nice website…but theres too many bouncy unicycles, which I don’t like, and also, it seems pretty much just like the unicyclist.com gallery.


Thanks for your reply, i’ll get rid of two of the unicycles. you’re right about it not being much different to unicyclist gallery, in fact at the moment it’s not as good, but it has only been up for 4 days, and there is a lot more things i’ll be doing over the next few months that will hopefully make it worth a look for some people. I’m working on a map of all the unicycle clubs around the UK at the moment and eventually the rest of the wold, there will be lots of info and pics about the schlumpf, we’re are also working on some short videos and lots more. if you have any ideas of things you’d like to see on it please email me at unipics@hotmail.com or post on unicyclist.
Cheers again :slight_smile:

Yes, those bouncy unicycles can get annoying after a (fairly short) while. At the same time, I wonder if anyone out there knows the original source of those animated unicycles? They were very well done!

Thinking ahead, you’ll need ways to organize the pictures once you start having more than a few pages per gallery. Someday I hope to have my pictures online in a searchable database where you can look up images by rider name, event name, type of scene, type of uni, etc. That would be really cool.

The bouncy unicycles are from clipart.com, it seem no-one wants them on the site so i will remove them soon, on the organization point, i’m working on a search engine at the mo., i’m finding it hard to get it quite right. in the next few weeks there should be lots of alterations as i work out how to do new thing…
if you would care to send me some of your picture john, i would love to put them on my site! p.s. i like “things not to do” on your site :slight_smile:


if you have any pictures you want to go up on unicyclepics you can ether send them to me ay unipics@hotmail.com or post them on this thread if that’s easier, as it can be a pain email lots of picture. could you also put a brief description e.g. who took the pic, where it was and who’s on the uni, so i’ve got something to put under your pics.


Unicycle Pictures

I’ve got rid of the bouncing unicycles. I’ve also added some pictures sent in by Forrest and Joe, if you click on the thumbnails in the trials section there is a bit of info next to the full size pictures e.g. Rider: Photo Taken By: Location: Unicycle: Trick: if any. please tell me what you all think of this and if anything should be changed. :slight_smile: p.s. please keep sending your pictures in to me at unipics@hotmail.com p.p.s. if any one has UPD pics they can send in that would be good so i can start the UPD page, unfortunately kit and i never fall off… :roll_eyes:
Cheers Pete.

Haha, nice one Pete!

searchable picture database

i am now working on a searchable database for all the pictures in the site, but i’m trying to stadadise it so you can always find what you’re looking for. :slight_smile: what do you all think should be the searchable categories? i.e rider name, event name, type of scene, type of uni, etc.

Something else you need to do is make it so when you click on a picture, it opens in the same window, rather than opening a new window.

new window / same window / java window

Another possibility for viewing a larger picture would be a java script window that comes up over the current page. I have used this on some of the websites that I have designed for customers. PM me if you would like the code for making this work, or if you want links to see how it looks.

it was ok but it could use some work

The main thing it needs is input from people like yourself at the minute.

Send some pics in. Help make it better!