Just letting you know that the Unicycling Tips and Tutorials site that Peter and I have been working on is now ‘officially’ up and running. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get http://tutorials.unicyclist.com to work (that is our preferred address) but as Gilby said getting the accounts sorted is on his list of things to do. So eventually we will hopefully have that address sorted but for now, check out:

…it’s a little bit easier to remember than the old address. :slight_smile:

We’ve had a few people submit some really helpful tips for the site and I’ve gone and borrowed (giving credit of course) a bunch of tips from these forums, but we would REALLY appreciate more contributions. That’s the only way the site will grow and be of more use to the unicycling community. It’s great to have a few different opinions and tips for the various skills and we’re obviously missing a whole bunch of common skills. It only takes a minute or two to write a tip.

Kevin McMullin will be doing some street tutorials which will be really great as that section is somewhat lacking, so keep checking back for that. We’ve also put two of the old Kris Holm trials workshop videos up. Tony has kindly uploaded them for us but has had trouble getting the rest of them into our album.

If you have any criticism of the site or suggestions or requests for tips please let us know by signing the Guestbook or emailing me and we’ll see what we can do.

Now everyone, go and write at least one tip for the site right now. :slight_smile:


Andrew and Peter

Yes everybody vist the site! Add some tips! When you are after a tip think “www.unicycle.2ya.com” if we can get the site to be the main source for unicycling tips & tutorials on the web that would be great. This site still has a few gaps so i hope we can fill them, if you think you know a trick fairly well then write a tip and send it to us! you will get full credit and think of all the people you will help!
Well anyway i hope everyone likes the site. If you have any concerns regarding the design of the site etc then email me.

Enough of that go check it out:

Yes, and even if all you can do is ride a unicycle it would be good to have more than one method of learning on the site. Different people learn skills different ways and there will never be one method of learning something that works perfectly for everyone.


Ok andrew. I promise I’ll get onto those tips considering I got the digital camera. It should only take me about half an hour for both of them.

Thanks Robbie.

We’d also like to get a huge bunch of useful links into our links page so if you’ve got a good unicycling website that you like us to link to, please let us know. We’re particularly looking for some of the lesser known sites to link to as well as the usuals.

There are some nice french sites in there so far that are worth checking out.

I couldn’t be bothered opening my email account, etc, etc so I thought I’d catch you here - can you please add a link to the Memphis Unicycle Club website?



yeah Andrew I’ll add that link when i get home (from school).
Come on everyone where’s the support? visit the site and tell us what you think of it!

I like the site, and apreciate your work.

But -I don’t want to spoil your party-, please be mental prepared:
after this weekend I will launch the beta of a very simular site, but a couple of 100 times bigger.
I’ve started in 2003, but had to start all over again a couple of months ago. I’ve spend over 1000 hours on it.
Please don’t become angry with me, but let’s stay in touch.

nothing wrong with two sites; that just means we have twice as many places to look for tips! :slight_smile:

Im excited to see your website, Leo. Make a thread advertising for it once you get it up and running

-grant “two is always better than one (except for speeding tickets)” houghton

You guys are doing a great job on that, Andrew. The video clips with text seem like they would be very helpful to anyone learning those skills. Thanks for all your work.



It’s all for the benefit of the unicycling community. Good on you, I’m looking forward to seeing it.