www.team-insania.com- totally revamped

Well, after a month or however long its been I’ve woken up to the fact that I’m a shit web designer.

So I took the pussy’s way out and just downloaded a template and modified it to my liking for Team Insania. I think you’ll find that the videos are a little easier to navigate around, and the other small fact that it’s one hund-fucking-red percent better than it used to be.


ps. Max send me your details to add to it now or I will insert your unicycle into your neck. Backwards.

pps. Yes, I will eventually get some footage of myself to put on there. And not porn, but actual unicycling as you may notice that I’ve never shown anyone in the year I’ve been at this forum.

ppps. Feel free to give some pointers on the site. I’ll happily smack you on the face and move on though.

you should at least have a link to the site in your post for all of us not wanting to type it in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ta Da

The new template is fantastic. Kudos to you, Jono.


the link to page 2 of the photo part is not working

at least not for me

good videos! i don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone jump up on to a box, while jumping in to stand up wheel walk… well done! :wink:
the rest of the site looks good too :slight_smile:

It works for me. Maybe I’ve accidently fixed it since then :stuck_out_tongue: Does anyone else have trouble?