www.sykoproductions.com back up


Nothing had really happened on the Syko site for over a year, but it is finally re-done and back up. Not totally complete, but most of the stuff is there. There will be a photo and clip of the week added each week.

Syko Productions creates extreme unicycling videos (UNiVERsE 1 and UNiVERsE 2) and the site is a place to get info and purchase videos.

Check it out!

I really like the new site. Jess did a good job on it. Much better then what I could have done.

Great site! I really hope you keep up to date with the pics and videos of the week (I realise how hard this may be when you’re busy) because the two for this week are great.


Yep, they will be updated every week (FOR REAL). I actually just added the second clip of the week tonight. Jess Riegel did an awesome job putting the site together for me and has made it real easy for me to update the photo and clip of the week. Thanks to Gilby for his help too.

If anybody has a clip or photo to submit you can send it to dan (at) sykoproductions.com and I will add it (FOR REAL THIS TIME).

As far as clips go, i’d like them in quicktime format .mov 360X240 and no less than 24fps. They can be anything unicycling (trials, street, freestyle, muni), but I do prefer creative lines or tricks, big moves, etc. Please no profanity or obscene content and I cannot guarantee I will add your clip. No longer than 30 seconds unless it needs to be for some reason.

Andrew, I’d love to put some of your close up natural trials stuff on if your ever interested.

For photos, a high quality JPEG is good to send me.

Thank you,

That second clip is great! They’re both really nicely framed and have great backgrounds. I think that adds a lot to a clip.

I’d be more than happy to send you a few of the better clips from these short movies I’ve been making, only problem is I only have Windows Movie Maker to use which can’t save as .mov files. The best I could do would be .wmv’s.


How’s the feet?

Hey Dan nice site. Looks great. How’s the feet doing? Able to ride/walk yet? Hope so! :sunglasses:

The new site looks great, Dan!

Adding new clips and photos regularly is a great reason to go back and visit your site. Joey’s clip is excellent. I can’t get the second clip to download or play properly, though.