www.ozextremeunicycling.cjb.net is up

for all you extremely unicyclists out there who want to see more extreme unicycling happening this is the site to go to

the best unicycle riders in australia and some excellent pictures


check it out,


im chekin out yer site as i type(wel, not as i type, but almost) NEway, i was wonderin about the picture on the upper right hand corner of the foto gallery, and i was wonderin, whats up with that pic? the guys not even on a unicycle. HELP ME OUT HERE, MAN!!! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE, THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN ON ME, AND IM NOT EVEN TWEEKIN!! anyway, some feedback would be appreciated.

Pretty simple really, he didn’t have a photo of Dale on a unicycle.


i was checking the distance of the gap and my mate luke took a photo of me. i did the gap on a later day. (on video)

i thought it was funny… so i put it in.

i kinda look like spiderman dont ya think?

Oh yeah sorry, I was thinking of a different photo.

Cool site!

I love the pics!

Take it easy,


That’s a great site.

I’m from Perth.

Me and 2 other guys are making a video we’ve just about finished it. Its really good considering i’ve only been unicycling 6 months, same with robbie and the other guys been uniing a bit longer. Check it out when it’s finished.

real nice pics!!!

I don’t get it, why “for some strange reason”? I think a lot of unicyclists like riding rails, and idolise Kris Holm.

Cool website, though, seems like Australia has a lot of really good riders. Like, reeaally good riders.

awsome website!

Sweet, you all rightly deserve the title “extreme”.

I like all of your pics & such.