Check out the renovated site! It is best viewed in 800x600.

ALSO! Check out the newest unicycle film from the same people who brought you Marthas Vineyard Trials, Funkadelic Wheeljam, and Haig Concrete Trials… Insane Films presents… “Spring!”



pretty cool…what does ct stand for?

CT= Connecticut, USA


i want to know what the last song in this video is…what is it called, and who is it by? thanks

The song is by Fatboy Slim “Sho Nuff”.

Any criticisms? We are a little bit rusty after a New England winter. What would you like to see in a future film? Any specific (possible) tricks that look great on camera? We are DEFINATELY going to film a lot more grinding and crank tricks for the summer movie…

Anyways, give me some real imput. Even as an editor.


Nice Site.
I dont really have any crits of it. I like it.

I felt free to steel your banner, so it will appear on my links page soon! :stuck_out_tongue:


Re: www.insane.unicyclist.com

Ha, that was awsome. I didnt realize you could do some of that on a
unicycle. I gotta try some of that when i get better. That’ll be fun.

“next” Funkadelic Wheeljam???

I have looked through the Funkadelic Wheeljam threads but cannot find any word about the next funkadelic wheeljam, or whether there will even be one. Ben PS told me to ask “Tim”…so, Tim, what’s the scoop?


Funkadelic Wheeljam was last January. It was disturbingly cold in the skatepark that we competed in last year and so when we do another wheeljam you can expect it in the Spring or summer. Probably next year simply because then we wouldn’t have to call it Funkadelic Wheeljam 2004 The Sequel… on top of that, because I organized the event and won’t be able to organize one for this summer on behalf of some traveling I’m doing, it will have to wait.

Thanks for asking and just keep your eyes open!