WWing on a Coker

Only tried it a few times–wheel walking on the Big One–and got like 30 feet with my knees bashing my chin. Felt weird, but I reckon a keen Coker dude (Nathan?) must have this down. . . Or am I dreaming?


I can do it

Now try coker gliding… that’s a lot harder than wheelwalking.
My best is 20 feet!

I can’t do any gliding

I think that’s what I will learn next

I’ve never tried either ww or glide on the Coker.

After reading this I went out and tried.

Wheel walking was not too bad. My biggest problem is that I’m too afraid of falling backwards and so I have the (not-so-unusual) problem of accelerating out of control. After about 10 minutes I got past that and could go about 20-30 yards consistently.

Gliding was a lot harder than I though it would be. My best was only about 10-15 feet.

I don’t really enjoy riding the coker unless I’m cruising along at a fair speed though so I doubt I’ll spend much more time practicing these skills on the Coker.


Beau Hoover and Zack Baldwin have both done gliding on their cokers.

i can glide my coker a little bit, one foot wheel walk it a bit more, and ww it ok. i could do better, but i need t practice more.

I’d like to see some videos of coker gliding, coasting, or wheel walking.

I swapped out the 110 cranks I had on my Coker and went out again this afternoon and tried a few other basic tricks like idling (not bad), seat out riding (weird) one footing (mighty crunched up) and 1 foot WWing (mighty wobbly for me) and I could see how this could get addictive. I’ve been MUniing for the last 4-5 months and haven’t been on the Big One in ages. It’s a riot. A flat crown would help a lot. I’ve got the Airefoil rim but just the standard frame, sans brakes, and it’s aweful.


well I decided to try wheel walking my coker I’m still learning but 8.5 pushes is pretty good for a coker. I got video of it I was going to start a new thread but a quick search found me a really old thread that deserves resurrecting with the exact same title I would have used

Keep Practicing Vince, I’m expecting you to glide down all the hills in Nova Scotia!