WW way harder than 1 foot WW?

I have been experimenting with wheel-walking and one-foot wheel-walking over
the last 2 days, and I find wheel-walking to be much harder than one-foot
wheel-walking. With one-foot wheel-walking, I can ride into it, go for 50+ feet
then transition back to riding. I am also able to glide for five feet every
once and a while. With normal wheel-walking, I can maybe go 10 feet using a
wall to start. It seems this is the opposite to what many others have
experienced… any thoughts?


ya i got some thoughts,

i learned to WW first and without the wall but i quickly relized the same thing after trying the 1ft WW.

i can 1ftWW better than useing two feet to do it.i think for me its the lack of arm swing and the other legs own balance issues.

i find that by arching my spine and pitching the fork forward where my seat is behind the wheel more makes both easyier.

I was always of the opinion that going from ww to ww 1 foot was not a big increase in difficulty. For 1 foot being easier, I think this depends on the level of one-footing skill you had going into it.

If you’re used to riding one foot, and having a foot on the frame for that or any other skills, I can understand wheel walking with one foot being so much closer to a comfortable activity. Having both feet out there on the tire is an awkward position, and less “tied to the unicycle” than when one foot is on the fork.


Same thing with me! I learned one fott WW and gliding too. Infact on a god day I can glide 15+ meters, but I still can reglar wheelwalk to.

Thank you,
Ray Edward

1 ft wheel walking is technically harder as there are moments when you are doing a tiny bit of gliding. I find 1 ft ww a more natural and comfortable position to ride in though.

I think a lot people find that when they learn 1 foot wheel walking it feels more elegant and natural then normal wheel walk. 1 foot wheel walk is however less stable (at least until you pick up a bit of skill in gliding, even if only for a fraction of a revolution).

I am in the process of trying to learn wheel walking. What size wheel do you guys (and girls) like to use. So far I prefer the 24 because it gives my feet a bit more room on the tire, but the greater height, and subsequent raising of my center of gravity, seems to make balancing harder.

What are your thoughts?

I’ve been learning to WW on a 20" freestyle unicycle. At first the 20" was hard because there isn’t as much room for your feet on the tire and I was constantly stepping on my other foot. However, once my wheel walking got more solid that problem stopped.

I haven’t done any wheel walking on a 24" so I can’t compare which wheel size is better. All I can say is that the problems with your feet running into each other on the 20" wheel eventually goes away.

Currently I’m able to WW for like 50 feet or so. But I’m unable to turn yet and I’m unable to get my feet back on to the pedals. Once I’m able to get back on the pedals I should be able to pass level 5.

Re: WW way harder than 1 foot WW?

I use a 20" wheel and I have size 13 feet. I think I find one-foot
wheel-walking easier because it’s just too clumsy with 2 feet moving around
down there.


After learning to ride one footed (foot in and extended), I decided to try out wheel walking. It was probabaly the hardest thing I have tried on a unicycle. Guess I need more practice.