ww success :) :) :) :)

I GOT BACK TO THE PEDALS FROM WHEEL WALKING!! Isn’t that exciting? :slight_smile: It was so
cool. I was practicing this morning, and I suddenly it worked, and I was so
surprised I said “oh my gosh!” out loud - just talking to myself…

I can get it quite a bit after three steps. I also did it once after 7 steps. I
tried for 11 but the pedal was nowhere in sight. Hm.

Well…I can’t do it without looking yet. :wink: I look at the right pedal when I
put my foot on it, and the left foot falls onto the left pedal pretty well. I
hit the pedal when it’s on its way down, so I have a bit of momentum to keep
going forward. (Sometimes I miss the pedals all together and the right pedal
will go scraping up the back of my leg! that was fun…) I was also looking at
my shadow, which seemed to help. Kind of like a mirror.

I can also mount directly to wheel walk sometimes!

And as I was practicing, this old guy drove by and stopped and told me he used
to have a Schwinn giraffe that he rode! cool.

new subject ~

For seat-on-side: I did a complete circle with the seat on the side! but I can’t
seem to get back onto the seat afterwards. The uni just wants to keep me going
in circles… ug. I suppose I just have to work at it some more!

Tammy :slight_smile:

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