WW Help

Any tips or tricks to WW? I try to keep it slow and paced- but I cant help but speed up to not fall back!


The best thing to do is to practice. Honestly, theres a pretty limited explanation to a trick like wheel walking. It can be frustrating, but don’t give up. It comes to you after a bit. It’s a cool trick.

lol, I can hit handrails,360unispin crank flip and other variations… cant wheel walk

Start near a wall or a pole, hold onto it, get your feet onto the tire, and just start to slowly push, try to keep your feet movement constant and steady, don’t look at your wheel, you gotta let your feet do the walking without you looking where they are going on the tire, hold on the rail\pole or wall and just practice getting the movement down on with a lot of support from what your grabbing onto, then slowly rely less and less on your support, then once your pretty comfortable doing that, start doing it while pushing off the object, so now you have no support, keep practicing until you get it, lean a little back, but not too far, and use tiny goals, like to make it to the line 5feet in front of you.

Good luck!!!

really? That’s surpising to me. I guess it’s that skills like jumping are a different sort of balance type than wheelwalking. Getting the hang of it, like any new and different skill will improve all the other parts of your riding too, as you’ll understand the balance of the uni better.

Hell, that makes me feel a little better. I can’t do handrails, unispins or crank flips… but at least I can wheelwalk. I suppose it all depends on what you spend time practicing.

And yes, that’s pretty much what it takes: practice and lots of it

Like others have said, keep practicing. Don’t give up. It’s by far the most challenging trick that I’ve learned if only because of patience to get through feeling like you’re doing the same thing and falling day in and day out.

I assume the natural learning “cycle” from WW would then be One-foot WW, followed by Gliding? That’s what I’m going for next: Still hoping I don’t fall flat on my back! :astonished: