WW down stairs?

Anybody doing this?


Re: WW down stairs?

I think jagur has it on his todo list.

when i was learning to wheel walk i used to wheel walk down a step so i could practice re-gaining my balance, it wasn’t too hard.
apparently theres a few folks down in england who have been trying to glide down stairs, which i havent tried yet

Only on very shallow stairs, one foot wheel walking on my coaster.

One foot on crown or peg?



ive WW’ed down a 4 stair about 5 times.out of those 5 makes,there were about 30 failures.

Doesn’t it sort of, er, hurt to WW down stairs or off a kerb? I mean, it is rather hard to land on your feet whilst WW’ing… or is it? What’s the technique?

I’d love to see some photos and videos. Nice work guys!


just go as slow as you can,put more pressure on the wheel to so your foot doesnt bounce off.WW’ing off a curb is not a challenge if you can WW already.

sure enough,after saying that WWing off a curb was not a challenge in the above thread i jinxed myself,i could not WW off a one to save my life today :angry:

trevor in the UK can glide down 2 or three sets i think, he was going for this 4 set a BUC10 down from a stage but there wasn’t enough run up :angry: . he is completely crazy at freestyle though so i dont think anything would surprise me from him.


i saw trev stand-up hop onto a bench, that was crazy

Trev is amazing, but he dont post on here I dont think.

This is his gallery.

HERE are some pics and videos of him COASTING down steps


also some standup coasting, not video, or down steps though, but its amazing!

Ok, haha, that was a funny joke. All this talk of it being easy forced me to try it out last night, and at least 15 times in a row I performed the “seat forced into bum” trick. NOT comfortable, I must say. I finally landed one, then tried a few more times, and thought, “this isn’t worth it.” I must admit, you guys came up with a crafty way to inflict pain on people :slight_smile:

Now that we know that WW and Gliding down stairs has been done, I want to know if anyone has tried gliding on a ramp. I would assume that the speed you can get while gliding down a slope would translate into a pretty gnarly jump if you had a ramp.

Just another idea for all you nuts. (no pun intended)