wuts with my peddles?

i have 2 unicycles right now one is a sun starter and the other is a Nimbus pro free style uni. in the last week for some reason my peddles have been kind of bending and they start to rotate like a ball joint when there still on the crank arm i take them off and put them back on but then they just fall off when i riding and i dont know y its stating to piss me off because the Nimbus i rode only 4 times th sun i beat to hell because thats wut i learned on.
but if you could give me some feedback i would appreciate it. :thinking:

You sure you got right pedal to right crank, and left pedal to left crank? cause you may be cross threading them, which would make them come out. And if you dotn have them in enough, their goign to come out really easy

Almost certainly, you have assembled the unicycle with the cranks and pedals on the wrong sides.

The right hand pedal has a normal thread (clockwise to tighten) and the left hand pedal has a left hand thread (anticlockwise to tighten). (US = counterclockwise.)

If the pedals are on the wrong sides they will unscrew in normal use. This can damage the cranks.

The proper answer is to swap the cranks over. The quick fix is to turn the seat round 180 degrees.

make sure you check you have the frame on the right way
when i got my qu-ax i assembled it wrong and it confused me hugely for a full day

If they are wobbly even when tightened and fall out of their own accord then the damage has been done, get a new set of cranks and make sure you read the build instrucitons more carefully.

If the cranks are steel they may survive. If they are alloy (yes, I know…) then they are probably ruined.