wut should i get?

i have been unicycling for 5 months now and the pedals are braking in half on my unicycle instead of buying new pedals im going to spend a little more cash and buy a free style unicycle with a 20in wheel right now im looking at the Yuni 20-inch Journeyman any feed back on that unicycle will be good and any advice on wut unicycle i should buy.:smiley:

Why would you need one wheel when you have the best transport of them all…the reindeer-powered sleigh.

What kind of unicycle do you have right now? Getting the Yuni Journeyman might not be that much of an upgrade. Also what kind of riding do you do and what kind of riding do you hope to do. If you keep breaking petals I don’t know that the Journeyman would hold up to the abuse that you are dishing out.

With more information what country you live in and a price range we could recommend a unicycle for you

In the mean time go buy yourself either some cheep metal platform pedals or Odessy Twisted Plastics. They should hold up to some abuse.

well im 14 years old 5ft 10in 217 pounds i have a sun starter unicycle with a 24in wheel i live in the u.s.a. right now i just ride in my drive way and parking lots but im looking to start free style unicycling and i have a $200-250 dollar price range.:smiley:

ARE WE THE SAME PERSON? :astonished:

I think this should fit the bill

If I were to buy a freestyle this would be it.

It is even on sale.

thank you for the help ill take a look at it.:smiley:

Sorry for threadjack, but why do freestyle unis have a HUGE seatpole?

its called the neck :stuck_out_tongue:


its so that when your doing crown tricks you dont catch your feet on the seat clamp:)

I have a Nimbus X and it’s hard for me to keep my foot on the frame (crown’s too narrow). It’s easier on my rounded crown learner.

I’ve never tried it but I think I’d like the Nimbus II but w/ a longneck frame better.

I think it’d be better if the crown weren’t rounded front to back, but like the older Nimbus X or Semcycle style crown. I think the width is a bigger problem for me, so the Nimbus X Street frame might be good.

aha, I learned something new today. Thanks for asking, Mill Mobile.

Thanks Spponthumb, and Unibugg, i’m glad my jack was helpful to you;)

thanks for the info everybody.:smiley: