wut is the best way?

i have been riding the unicycle for about a year and a half and i want to start do some basic stuff and i want to know wut is the best way to learn to ride with the seat out in front of me?

and if you have any tips on other basic beginner uni tricks plz let me know.

thank you.:smiley:

IF you cant idle, try learning Idle. Hopping with SI onto palets is fun. Stairs are good to. I cant yet but 180 Unispin mounts. or just 180 unispins. I like jumping and pushing the cranks half a rotation cause i think it looks cool :P. I cant SIF yet but I am getting better just stand up and ride when you got that push it out little bit further each time. I can get 3-4 rotations with the seat just against my thighs. Ive been riding for 1 1/2 months. hope that helps :slight_smile:

I think you mean ‘what’???

yes he does… nah he means…“tree”… … …LOL