Wunschkonzert Trick Game

Hey Everyone,

This game is still in the making, however I have the generals down. I sent a copy of the rules to Olarf so we can hope to have an english and german copy up shortly on the website. The tricks needed for the street part of the game are…

180 Unispin, Crankflip, 360, Blind 180 Unispin, 90 Unispin, Backflip, 180/fakie 180, Shifty
Hickflip, Doubleflip, 360 Unispin, 270 Unispin, 180 flip, Sex Change, Fakieflip, 180 backflip
Treyflip, lateflip, 180 lateflip, 540 unispin, Inward smallflip, Varialflip, X up flip, blind 360
Full Varialflip, 180 Doubleflip, Hick Doubleflip, Fifthflip, 360 lateflip, 360 flip, 540, Sex Change Doubleflip

Keep in mind you don’t have to know all of them. lol. Infact the pro level is a higher level of play (you can either play: (easy, med, hard) or (med, hard, pro).

I don’t have any freestyle moves for the difficulty levels but i want to follow the same style. Please help me with this part. I need to get some good ideas for freestyle skills where lots of people can play, and also be challenged. I figured for both parts the rider has to start pedaling forward in control and end the same way. The freestyle skills will have to go for atleast 5 meters to count.

-Shaun Johanneson

Shaun Johanneson the play boy.

Could you explain the rules. It’s a little hard to find freestyletricks when I don’t know what they will be used for.

I stated what they’ll be used for. Having to be completed for at least 5 meters and safely ridden out of. It will have to be done so many times out of so many times as well (depening on dice roll). So it’s a consistency thing too.

-Shaun Johanneson

How about the longjump ruleset? 3 revs, easier to measure. How about a railjam too?

Is it a safe bet to roll with the freestyle tricks I can do consistently for the easy level?

Backwards one foot, Opp. one foot wheel walk, One foot wheel walk, Coasting, I need four more!!!


-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Seat drag and seat push good for the easy level???