Wunschkonzert results

Here are the results of the Wunschkonzert competitions:


  1. place male: Lutz Eichholz
  2. place male: Nikolaj Blakfelt Moestrup
  3. place male: Rocco Schulz
  4. place male: Kristofer Lolk Speedtsberg (after tie with Rocco and David)
  5. place male: David Weichenberger (after tie with Rocco and Kristofer)


  1. place Shaun Johanneson
  2. place Loic Baud
  3. place Kelly Hickman
  4. place Adrien Delecroix
  5. place Kevin McMullin


  1. place Adrien Delecroix
  2. place Thorsten Schanz
  3. place Loic Baud
  4. place Spencer Hochberg

Where are the beer competition resuls?!

I think Steffi and Pablo won, second place I dont know, and third place Kalle and Emma. But it was unfair you couldnt get more points if you drink more. I think Janina should have won because everybody told me she drunk twice as everybody else :). All competitions where realy great thank, you Olarf for puting the results out so fast.

I’m pretty excited to see any footage from this.

Wait, Steffi and Pablo won… Does that mean it was a pairs competition or was it two different ones for males and females?

And yes, footage is very welcome.

And mad propz to Steffi for winning and to Janina for outdrinking everyone!

it was possible to do a pair routine or a single routine.

Shaun and Janina did second. Their routine was better then Pablos and Steffies but Steffie was more clever cause she do all stuff that was set with high points :smiley:

First of all Olarf…thanks for the convention, thanks for picking us at the airport, for such a nice convention and for all your work you did to make it possible!

And then… one question… What About the best trick contest? :wink:

I also would like to have the music you played in the contests… names of the groups… of even if you can upload some into somewhere like “megaupload” it whould be cool.

Thanks everyone for coming.

     Pepe, Monociclos.Com (Unicycling related stuff in Spanish)

Cool! Is there any footage of the events?

Olarf won’t fail us. Of course there is footage… right?

I know that Christian filmed the beer standard skills.

Don´t forget best non-rider: Olarf :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for such great convention!!

In the name of all spanish people : danke schön!

ooh Kit, I just pmed you.

Christian sure did get the beer standard skill. Haha, what a laugh ay, dont know if I want to be reminded :stuck_out_tongue:

Great convention, thanks alot Olaf and everyone there to make it possible. Also thanks to Brendon, what a guy, all I can stay is a picture can say 1000 words, so watch this space… :stuck_out_tongue:


I try to add the Best Trick results but this Forum was always overcrowded and dont work :frowning:
How ever, The Best Trick Contest was won by two riders:

Loic Baud (he did hick triple flip)

Alexander Weibel (he did backflip from unicycle)

Many thanks to all that awesome spanish riders for always beeing nice and great and helpfull and funny.
Didn’t you see me riding that 15 seconds Saturday night :smiley:

and for sure there will be footage soon online :smiley:

Got your PM Miss Von Shagg.

I’m also slightly apprehensive at seeing the footage from the beer skills comp. I seem to remember saying a lot of inappropriate stuff too close to the camera’s mic. Hope Christian’s bleep machine is fully charged.

Brendon, Bredon, Brendon… Fair play to you for taking that much potato salad on the chin, or rather down your pants and not ripping the nipples off of those responsible.

Olaf… You leg-end. Probably the most fun I’ve had at a convention. It was certainly the most sociable I’ve been to. Certainly consumed rather more alcohol there than at any other convention.

Other highpoints include taking Kevin’s nasal virginity, meeting Connor, Isaac and the rest of our colonial cousins and the various hi-jinx both at the convention and getting to and from it.

Also great to see Steph, Janina, Rocco, Marco and anyone else I’ve forgotten again.

Roll on WK4!

wait, there was unicycling at Wunschkonzert?
I never would’ve guessed!

oops, the server seems to be having issues…

Thanks to Kit and Joe for looking so cute

Thanks to Shaun for drinking an elephant

Thanks to Søvndal, Gro and Blondie for buying costumes

Thanks to the spanish guy and his violin

Thanks to the “unknown” naked guys in the skatepark

Thank to Olarf for making it all possible

And Brendan: That’s what happens when you steal beer from the beer std skill!

Good on you Shaun, seems like some demons have been put to rest.
Well done to all the guys who took part too, pity I couldn’t be there. No doubt see you guys soon.

Looking forward to footage,


Some crazy fools even rode unicycles without a beer in their hand.

Utter madness.