Wunschkonzert Countdown!


I know this may not be such a popular thread in the english speaking forum, however; I feel like it deserved a countdown.

146 days! (Their time)

-Shaun Johanneson

Ahh I don’t know if I can wait that long lol.


Was ist wunschkonzert?

Freestyle convention in Germany.

Joe went last year apparently there was free beer though there isn’t this time.

I think Joe didn’t even managed to put his unicycle together while he was there.

Wow, that’s my kind of a convention!

Is there anything else apart from freestyle? Or does it even matter when there’s free beer! Hmm, but not this time, damn…

Beer is very cheap (and very good) in Germany anyway.

I dunno much more about it I’m afraid but I’m sure there’ll be non-freestylers there.

This year its going to be mostly a street competition and be held at a skatepark in cologne. You can read about it here.


Street and Freestyle will be focused but there is also an option to trial a bit indoor. A small group of hardcore “free beer wanters” still organize free beer for Saturday night :smiley:
So every Elements of a typical Wunschkonzert will be there now. The advantage of only one free beer evening is maybe that some can remember whats happened there.
This year many riders was surprised about my Video cause they cant remember to see anybody riding a unicycle :smiley:

143 days left and only 53 free places :smiley:

Actually we have 47 riders from Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Spain and the USA so England, the Netherlands, East Europe and Asia is still missing.

133 days and only 44 places left :smiley:

OH, Wunschkonzert is great, I can’t wait to see Shaun’s tight booty again.

Oh yes, 1800 unispin. I will be showing off my tight booty too. ha

103 days left!!!

-Shaun Johanneson

Olarf im from england and i sent you an email wanting to register the other day, my email is lucaswintercrane@hotmail.com

102 tage!

OMGOSH! Yo I just noticed that Kit and Joe are going. WHAT? (Lucas too, muhaha) Please get Mike to go too. That would be sick to hang with all you english chaps again.

-Shaun Johanneson

Tally ho…

my mom was on cologne last year… its a nice city.

shaun… dont start bitching on the street comp hehe

What was that about beer again?

Oh yes, one cannot wait, Mr Johanneson. The pleasure is mine, what with that ‘tight’ body of yours. I’ll be workin out on the run up to Wunschkonzert. Man im going to be TIGHT!


HAHAHAHA, that’s so funny man. Good times. Hey any luck with Mike S at all?

-Shaun Johanneson

I hear he puts out pretty easy.

Shouldn’t need too much luck at all.