Wunschkonzert 2008 (Freestyle and Street Convention)

We are now scheduled the next Wunschkonzert in Cologne/Germany.
It will be on the 18/19/20 of January and we would like to have a lot of riders from all over Europe and maybe also from other continents.
There will be Freestyle, street, trials and a lot of party and all is indoor in one big old factory hall. Pictures are coming soon.
So sign in for it to enter one of the rare places.

looks cool!

my mon went to cologne last year she said its a beatifull place

Brazil is not that close to Germany, would be great to have you there.
I add some pictures from the skatepark:

there is a second hall with a big flat, I will add pictures from that also soon.

People come to this…



That skatepark looks pretty awesome, I’m sure it will be fun.

that park doesnt look too great for unicycling

The funbox in the middle would be awesome though.

Let’s get some good german and french riders there darn it. Also anyone else who wants to come. I found buying tickets now are actually pretty cheap, and since I didn’t spend anything in Denmark, I have the extra money to make it out to Germany in January. I’m really exicted for this.

-Shaun Johanneson

Wunschkonzert is going to be one huge Straßenparty!

i wish i could come, but there is no way id beale to convice my paretns to let me go to germany for a unicycle event :frowning:

haha same

I wouldn’t even be able to convince them to let me go to the states for a convention.


As I promised, here is a picture of the second part of the hall, the flat part:

We are really hapy that some of the US can make it possible to come but where are the french and british riders ??? Go for it !!!

video of the skatepark

Kelly send me a link of an BMX video where you can see the skate park in cologne very good. Nearly the first 50% of the video are from the skate park where the Wunschkonzert is. the rest is from the outdoor park they build for the European masters in Cologne.
You find the video here

Just found the thread!

I’m really interested. Last Wunschkonzert I didn’t even build my uni up, it sat in my suitcase :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try and convince more Brits to make it…


I could be tempted to come along though I’m not much of either a street or a freestyle rider.

Will you be driving there Joseph?

Ah perfect, a fellow Brit, and my social unicycling buddy, Kit! I dunno if I’ll be driving over.

Its about a 2 hour drive from Amsterdam if I do get the ferry over with the van, which is going to cost £290 for the van and two people (so just over £160 each, incl fuel etc). Going to see how much it costs to fly over, although I would love to drive there! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think of myself more as a binge unicyclist than a social one.

Acceptance is the first step to recovery.

If you do decide to drive give me a shout. Even if you’re flying we could mosie over together.

I’m thinking of going too. I’m trying to decide between this one and BUC(I won’t have enough money to go to both).

If I went to this one I’d probably go somewhere else afterwards, the airfare is the most expensive part of the trip, I’m not gonna fly out for three days.

Ivan, tough call! Either way, your going to have a great time!

Kit, yeah I’ll see how much flights are etc, as it will probs work out more expensive going for just a weekend in the van. BTW, pics of my steed are now on the car thread :wink:

Back on topic however, I’m sure I’ll be free to make it to Wunschkonzert.
Kit, us figureheads need to be seen there! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello, I’m french so to begin I’m sorry for the mistakes:o .

If I won’t have big examinations the friday before and the week after I’m sure to come at Wunschkonzert ! But don’t to take part in the event, I haven’t the level and I prefer an other person could to be among the 100 ! just to look, learn, try a lot of things with my unicycle and to take advantage of atmosphere ! ! !:slight_smile:

So Olarf, could I will come without that, sleep there and use the hall ? maybe there will be a special price for people like me ?

Thanks you very much !