Wunschkonzert 2008. Beer Std. Skills

Finaly it’s here.
The best from “Beer Std. Skills” Wunschkonzert 2008.
Plus two full Beer rutines.
For adults only. XXX

Hahah, that looked like a great and funny night.
To bad I coudn’t make it.
I wonder what Shaun would do next year with his newer “proffesional” look on unicycling.

Peter M

Is there a Download link? Cant watch it realy.



Kristian, after texting you the other day, I wondered if you would get round to putting this video together. I just remember watching some of the footage back in a bar before we left on Sunday afternoon.

cringeworthy for sure…


Wait a minute…

That girl…


Oh my god!

oh!!! :astonished: I want to go YEEEEEEEEEETTTTT!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

My new super computer was up for the job, but vista was not.
Well, what can i say. Vista sucks, service pack 1 helps a bit.

That brings back some pretty odd memories.

I was wearing those dungarees again at the weekend but as part of a spaceman suit.

Josephine, you looked absolutely scrumptious that evening.

That evening was pretty hilarious. Joe, you looked far classier than that Janina harlot.

I had those dungarees out again at the weekend as part of a spaceman outfit.

Joe, if you’ll wear that outfit and go for a walk round the red light districit in Amsterdam I’ll give you a quid.

Thanks Kristian, great funny movie :smiley:
Its also on utv availiable and you can download it also here

All others can still prepare for next year, same time, same place.

just one quid? I’m sure Id get offered more off randomers :wink:

Im sure it will be coming with us :stuck_out_tongue:



Seriously, wtf. :astonished:

This made my lol so many times.

Hey, if you ever need a pimp to handle those randomers, just say the word:)

Great video! I tried drinking by holding a cup in my mouth like they did in the video and couldn’t:( Must be an advanced drinking skill. Or they used thicker cups.

HAHAHAHA, i loled SOOOOOOOOOO HARD at the t-shirt bit at the end!
I cant believe how good that chick could ride when smashed too, she rocks!

Looks like the best unicycle competition ever, please do something similar at uNICON aswell
so funny you are all great wish i could have been there xx

You musclin’ in on my ho’s?

…So to speak.

thanks for that nice compliment, you “gay-ok” transvestite.