WUni'ing (winter mountain unicycling)

I have a album in the gallery with more photos of our latest ski run wuni’ing. My son,Logan, his friend,Kelly, and I had too much fun at Aspen Highlands ski area. We tried it in powder, moguls, and on the groomers. We laughed all the way down. Check out the album!

(I still prefer the term ‘Icycling’ for winter unicycling)

Call whatever you want, it’s all good.

i like the dude on the lift snapping a photo!! :smiley: :wink:

Yeah, there was allot of that action going on. We just HAD to go under the lift, even though there were other choices.

Hey Mike;

That’s great! Did you ride your Coker or your Muni? Owen and I got to where we could do kind of a “Hockey Stop” by twisting sideways, although we slid all the way to the ground half the time. Too bad there won’t be snow in Moab!

MUni, I think that the mountain is too steep for the Coker. Plus, as much as we fell, the shorter the distance to the snow the better. The sliding is really fun, sidehills are great, natural half pipes where fun. My son was doing the hockey stop thing. Just trying to stand up on the steeper runs and freemounting was a challenge.

I’m new.

How do I get to your gallery with the additional pictures?

He should have linked it. At the top of the page there is a “gallery” link. His gallery was one of the first ones to show up (latest added) or else I would have never found it.

Thanks Rayden. I don’t spend alot of time in cyberspace, so like Changinglinks, I’m still learning the proper way.