Here’s a new video, some Wuni around my home and in Gatineau Park. It’s nothing really hardcore or extreme, only some riding in the snow because the winter this year is hot now:) Please Comment!:smiley:

PS.: The quality probably sucks, everytime I put a video on Vimeo the quality end up really bad:(

cool vid. Haha, I thought(was hoping) you would grind that handrail after you pushed the ice off.

Awesome vid, some good shots there. Also, the music transforms it into a tale of love between man and unicycle… Don’t know if that was intended but it’s sweet! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the comments:)

Really, if I could grind on handrails I would’ve done it:p
I tried a rail in Montreal last week, my first rail grind ever, I fell right on my butt on the rail:(. Plus in I was on my 24" now, witch is super heavy :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the music I just wanted to find a song that last the whole video, I ended up on that song and though the same thing when I watched it.:smiley:

You can’t go wrong with the mighty Queen!