WTT: Spirit Cranks, Brake, Seatpost, Tire?

I have a set of 165/137 spirits with one ride on them. I also have a Shimano M-396 brake (great brake) and 27.2 KH adjustable seatpost and Maxxis Minion DHF 29x3.0 tire. Everything has one ride.

I’m thinking about converting over to a road setup and will need 100-110mm cranks (ISIS), an uncut (or very long) 27.2 KH adjustable post, and low tread 29+ tire like a Vee Speedster, Chronicle, Ranger, etc. Maybe a handle of some sort like an older T-bar (with the other bar ends, not the new over end ones).

It’d be cool to work a trade to make all this happen. Let’s do it!